The Department of Boundary and Chieftaincy matters has the following functions:
  1. Managing all matters relating to Chieftaincy;
  2. Handling cases of Boundary/land matters.
  3. Conducting of quarterly State Council of Chief’s meeting;
  4. Facilitating the process for the appointment/deposition of Emirs/Chiefs/District heads and Village/Ward heads as appropriate;
  5. Ensuring peace and peaceful coexistence in the Emirates/Chiefdoms of the State;
  6. Coordinating the activities of the Emirate/Chiefdoms;
  7. Staff matters;
  8. Managing all matters of Boundary disputes in conjunction with the State Boundary committee;
  9. Responsible for the delineation of Chiefdoms/Districts;
  10. In-charge of all land/forest areas in respect of the 32 Emirates and Chiefdoms in the State.