The functions of the Inspectorate Department are as follows:

  1. Advising and supporting the Ministry in the formulation and issuance of operational guidelines to the Local Government Councils;
  2. Conducting of periodic inspection exercises on Local Government finances, projects executed and making reports to the Ministry;
  3. Responsible for the preparation and conduct of the monthly fund allocation meeting for the 23 Local Government Areas;
  4. Provision of supervisory role on Local Government expenditure by way of issuing clearance for Local Government to incur expenditure for accountability;
  5. Monitoring, supervising, advising and guiding the Local Government Councils in the conduct of their financial and contractual activities.

Administration and Finance

The Department of Administration and Finance has the following functions;

  1. Coordinating activities of all Departments;
  2. General Administration of the Ministry;
  3. Human Resource Management and Development;
  4. Financial Management of Ministerial and Unified Accounts of the Local Governments;
  5. Management and Maintenance of Ministerial plant, machinery, vehicles and utilities;
  6. Intergovernmental and ministerial relationships.

Chieftaincy and Boundary

The Department of Boundary and Chieftaincy matters has the following functions:

  1. Managing all matters relating to Chieftaincy;
  2. Handling cases of Boundary/land matters.
  3. Conducting of quarterly State Council of Chief’s meeting;
  4. Facilitating the process for the appointment/deposition of Emirs/Chiefs/District heads and Village/Ward heads as appropriate;
  5. Ensuring peace and peaceful coexistence in the Emirates/Chiefdoms of the State;
  6. Coordinating the activities of the Emirate/Chiefdoms;
  7. Staff matters;
  8. Managing all matters of Boundary disputes in conjunction with the State Boundary committee;
  9. Responsible for the delineation of Chiefdoms/Districts;
  10. In-charge of all land/forest areas in respect of the 32 Emirates and Chiefdoms in the State.

Rural Development

  • Liaising with State Ministries and other bodies on relevant Local Government functions and responsibilities;
  • Planning, processing, supervising and executing the construction/maintenance of rural infrastructure;
  • Preliminary survey, design and processing of proposed contract works in rural infrastructure;
  • Promoting Village/Rural settlements (re-grouping) model schemes; and
  • Coordinating and liaising with other external bodies associated with provision of Rural infrastructures, e.g. Federal Ministry of Steel and Power, Federal Ministry of Housing and Transports, etc.

Supporting Unit


Function of the Unit:

  1. Local Government Budgeting (including monitoring and evaluation);
  2. Ensure that Local Government Budgets align with the ideals of the State Budget;
  3. Supervision and management of the Local Government Budget preparation and implementation process;
  4. Issuing of Budget Guidelines and call circulars to guide Local Governments in their Budget preparation;
  5. Facilitate/conduct of Budget review for Local Governments;
  6. Harmonizing the Budget of 23 Local Government Councils as a single document;
  7. Facilitating the distribution of copies of the approved Local Government Budgets to the relevant MDAs;
  8. Partake in the monthly Fund Allocation meeting.


Function of the Unit:

Internal checking and control


Function of the Unit:

External checking & control


Function of the unit:

Publicity and Information